Janet Ko pointing at a screen and smiling while presenting to a group of people who are seated

Keynote Presentation to Women@OMERS Employee Resource Group

The Menopause Foundation of Canada (MFC) was welcomed by the Women@OMERS Employee Resource Group (ERG) on September 28, 2023 to deliver a keynote presentation to employees.

Janet Ko, Co-Founder and President of MFC discussed how the negative stigma of menopause is real and can spill into the workplace. She stressed that women in their prime  have the skills, leadership and expertise employers need. Closing the menopause knowledge gap and breaking the taboo of menopause work benefits everyone. Other topics discussed were the symptoms and various stages of menopause, long term health risks and where to find resources for support.

We thank the Women@OMERS Employee Resource Group (ERG) for organizing the event and helping to raise awareness!