Menopause is a gender equity issue that requires immediate action.

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The Menopause Foundation of Canada

The Menopause Foundation of Canada (MFC) is a registered non-profit organization that advocates for the support women need in their menopausal years from the health care system, government, business and the broader community. Women enter menopause in the prime of their lives, while they are making outsized contributions to their families, workplaces and society at large. Ending the silence, misinformation and stigma of menopause benefits us all. Ensuring women have access to care and treatment options through their health care journey, and that they are supported in the workplace, is critical to Canada’s success.

MFC is grateful for the guidance and support of a Medical Advisory Board that includes many of Canada’s leading menopause specialists.

Our Advocacy Goals

  • Break the Silence and the Stigma of Menopause

    Our top priority is to raise awareness of menopause in Canada. The topic is taboo and that harms women’s health. We need to close the menopause knowledge gap so women can navigate all stages of menopause. Menopause shouldn’t be a mystery each woman struggles to solve on her own.

  • Improve Health Equity through Access to Menopause Care and Treatment

    Women require access to knowledgeable health practitioners who can offer care through all stages of menopause. That means physicians and specialists need to be better educated about menopause, resulting in confidence to properly assess and provide patients with options for preventative care and potential treatment. Creating robust training in medical schools and residency programs across Canada is required. Improved coverage of menopause treatments on both public and private health plans is also needed. Socioeconomic, geographic and other factors should not be a barrier to accessing menopause care.

  • Create Menopause Inclusive Workplaces

    Supporting women through perimenopause and menopause must be a top priority as employers look to improve diversity, equity and inclusion. Too many women feel unsupported at work and data indicates that 1 in 10 leave the workforce because of menopause. Menopause may be the missing link to explain why more women aren’t breaking through the glass ceiling.

Grateful to the Menopause Movement

  • A growing movement around the world is working to break the stigma of menopause and to advocate for improved support for women. We are very grateful to many leaders who shared their wisdom with us, in particular Diane Danzebrink of Menopause Support in the UK; Donna Klassen and Samara Daly of Let’s Talk Menopause in the US, and Claire Gill of the National Menopause Foundation in the US. Their goals and public awareness materials have been influential in the creation of our own work. We would also like to recognize Dr. Jen Gunter and her groundbreaking book “The Menopause Manifesto” for inspiring us to be bold in our efforts to create a national conversation on menopause.

Our Policies

  • Privacy

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  • Gender Language

    The Menopause Foundation of Canada (MFC) recognizes that people affected by menopausal symptoms have diverse gender identities. In our publications, presentations, printed and digital materials, MFC uses the word “woman” (and the pronouns “she” and “her”) to refer to all individuals in the context of discussion of menopause. When describing or referencing study populations used in research, MFC will use the gender terminology reported by the study investigators.

    We believe that every individual who is affected by menopausal symptoms should be treated with sensitivity, dignity and respect, and be able to access support if needed.